This one was juuuuust right…reality shot added

Many thanks to Ann and Caroline for their feedback on the great love seat search!  Ann, I too am now eyeing that chaise.

On Saturday I speant some time playing Goldilocks.  I found options #1 and #3 in-store and liked neither.  Alas, option #2 was nowhere to be found.  After a quick trip to Crate and Barrel, I decided to swing by Ethan Allen…mostly because my mother told me to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ethan Allen.  I’d love to have a house full for furniture by Ethan Allen.  However, for this project, I thought the man was over my budget.  But, you know moms.  So, I stopped in, took half a lap and there it was.

The Chair.  In a perfect neutral fabric with enough texture to make it interesting.  It was even backlit with the natural light coming through the window behind so it sort of, you know, glowed.  To be fair, I wandered through the entire store before returning to The Chair.  I sat in it and there was clearly enough room for myself, a Kitchen God on the side and another on the lap.  I then took a deep breath and looked at the price tag.

Guess what?  The floor model was on sale.  For nearly half-off.  Which meant, I got really great chair bones for a total of $20 over my budget (including deliver).   Done.  And done.  It’s the Monterey Chair.  And here, it is in our office:

Now, I like to keep a tidy ship.  But, reality happens.  This is the reality I walked into the other day.

My chair indeed.

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