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I have a rule: the shorter the skirt, the flatter the shoe.  Of course, short is a relative term.  For me and age appropriateness, short equates to just above the knee.  And, at about and inch-and-a-half, these little ladies are perfect.  The designer is Dana Davis and I admit, the only place I’ve ever seen her shoes is via the sample sales.  I bought these about a year ago.  And, if this brand ever comes up again, I’d snatch up another pair in a heartbeat.  Tights by Target.


One thought on “TJT#10”

  1. I know it might sound strange and funny, but I read that actually the shorter the skirt the higher the heel as apparently a more visible leg might benefit more definition :D,While the right long skirt can lengthen the legs more and being implicitly defined but not visible, they might not need heels to be as high.
    But personally I find many flat shoes to be as flattering, just sharing :).

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