Mi dispiace

November 1st has traditionally marked the first official day of Misanthropic Hostess holiday baking.

Here is what my kitchen looked like on October 31st:

The floors are in, they just finished doing the electrical and, if they can get the space appropriately sheet rocked, drywalled and plastered, the cabinets are supposed to be installed on Saturday.  Then, it’s another couple  of weeks to fabricate the counter tops.  Add another week for tile and appliance installation and best case scenario, we’re looking at the first week of December before I have an operational kitchen.  Of course, nothing in this project has proven to be best case scenario so I’m not going to hold my breath.

And so it goes my friends, that I find myself apologizing in advance for the second year in a row. Please don’t hate me because I don’t have a kitchen.  I promise to make up for it on the back end.  Assuming we’ll ever make it to the back end.


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