The Ms. Closet: complete

First things first.  This is a dumb post.  Despite multiple attempts to photograph and even film this baby over the last couple of months, I just can’t seem to get off a decent snap.  I’d like to blame the lack of natural light.  Or how narrow the space is between units.  But as I prove on a weekly basis, the photographic deficit really lies with the picture taker (at least I’m consistent).

Luckily, the fact that I failed spectacularly at capturing the essence of the Ms. Closet has done nothing to damper my enthusiasm for it.

As you might recall from the plans, we created this modest walk-in by leveraging back-to-back reach-in closets and an additional 18 or so inches from Tom’s office.

Custom closet fittings were never in the budget but luckily my enthusiasm for putting together Ikea furniture was.

I’d like to be able to say I built the entire organizational system myself.  But, when the instructions on the Ikea Pax system showed me that it would take two garden gnomes to put the frames together, they were actually serious (this time).  After building three–yes THREE of the frames and then realizing they would not fit assembled into the closet, I begrudgingly admitted defeat and called in Tom to help.  He was super duper enthusiastic.  As with any project TD and I take on together, while ultimately successful, the blood, sweat and tears left in our wake could qualify the Ms. Closet as a crime scene.

Once those frames were up however, it was all me.  All in, I built and installed 14 stationery and pull-out shelves, 15 drawers, 2 units for shoe storage and a necklace gallery (ooh la la).

I love this space.  And not only because even at this writing it remains the only finished room in Via Corona.

I told you this is stupid.  However, the Ms. Closet, like most of our endeavors related to Via Corona reminds me of a quote delivered by the late, great Leslie Nielson in the cinematic masterpiece, The Naked Gun: “It’s a topsy-turvy world, and maybe the problems of two people don’t amount to a hill of beans. But this is our hill. And these are our beans!”

Our hill.  Our beans.  Indeed.


6 thoughts on “The Ms. Closet: complete”

  1. I have to tell you, I have MAJOR closet envy; especially your necklace hanging rods! Can I hire you to help me redo my sad closet?! LOVE everything that you and Tom have done to Via Corona?.

    Did Tom tell you that he’s invited us to stay with you the month of January? Looking forward to our extended stay!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love this! I was just about to ask who did your closet, and then I read YOU and IKEA! You are more brave than I am. I will redo our closet with our bathroom renovation in a year; and I guarantee I won’t do it myself. Your post helped me solidify that decision….I have many skills. Building IKEA furniture is not one of them. Looks amazing. And I’m stealing the necklace gallery idea!

  3. Lauren–once we figured out the frames, putting everything together was a piece of cake. I was totally impressed by how easy it was. Kid you not–opening the packaging was the hardest part. That being said, if assembling Ikea furniture aint your thing–go pro. The pax system took up more space than it needed to–a pro could have made much better use of the space than I. The rods from the necklace gallery come from the kitchen department. I had one in our old house too–super cheap, super effective at getting me to actually put on jewelry.

  4. Mary–you are welcome at our house any time for as long as you would like. The guest bed is being delivered on Friday–so after that you guys wouldn’t even have to share a bed with us :).

  5. That three year old (and her parents) are invited over any time. She and I seem to have a lot in common.

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