Via Corona

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We bought a disaster of a house and are documenting her renovation.  Follow the train wreck brick by brick.

The Illustrated Journey:

Episode 36: The final addition: living and dining reveal

Episode 35: Yard progress

Episode 34: Master bath reveal

Episode 33: Exterior Reveal

Episode 32: Powder room reveal

Episode 31: Walk this way: Entryway reveal

Episode 30: Kitchen reveal

Episode 29.25 (it’s not really a house post but it’s got some pictures in it): Momma said

Episode 29: The perfect is the enemy of the good

Episode 28: Kibble and bits

Episode 27: Guest bath reveal

Episode 26: Is this the end?

Episode 25: Store it.  Store it good: laundry/butler’s/appliance pantry and linen closet revealish

Episode 24: The new addition edition

Episode 23: A bad idea poorly executed

Episode 22: ‘Round here

Episode 21: Sometimes it is what’s on the outside that counts: Concogalow

Episode 20.5: Et tu oatmeal? 

Episode 20: The Ms. Closet: Complete

Episode 19: Kitchen progress…in-progress

Episode 18: Making our garage door great again

Episode 17: Updates

Episode 16: An update in five scenes

Episode 15: Precious

Episode 14: Via Corona’s secret weapon

Episode 13: Where the magic happens (kitchen plans)

Episode 12: Three signatures

Episode 11: Master and commoder (master bath plans)

Episode 10: Powder Room Planz

Episode 9: I had a hammer

Episode 8: The plan: Guest Bath

Episode 7: Appetite for destruction, part deux

Episode 6: Appetite for destruction: Downstairs edition

Episode 5: Zhushing the Rectangle

Episode 4: All that you can’t leave behind

Episode 3: Talkin’ ’bout my renovation

Episode 2: BEFORE

Episode 1: And now for something completely different

Forward: Via Corona floor plans

 The List

  • Plumbing (all of it) COMPLETE
  • Electrical (all of it) COMPLETE
  • Rewire for cable, wifi and alarm systems COMPLETE
  • Sewer (done…dodged a major bullet, doesn’t need to be completely replaced or lined – they removed a root that looked like a decent-sized platypus) COMPLETE
  • Exterior cosmetic (anyone want a crapload of fake river rocks?)–siding done, working on stucco COMPLETE
  • Living room addition–in- process foundation poured, some headers are up, first inspection passed COMPLETE
  • Replace and reconfigure deck–in- process plans approved…nope not approved still waiting
  • Downstairs powder roomCOMPLETE
  • Guest bathroom–including moving everything around to create an en-suite–COMPLETE
  • Master bathroom–including moving everything around to create a shower that wasn’t made for an elf–COMPLETE
  • Juliet balcony off master.  Not gonna happen this round.
  • Walk-in master closet COMPLETE
  • Kitchen–Complete
  • Laundry room–COMPLETE
  • Fireplace-COMPLETE
  • Raise the 6’8″ ceiling in foyer (complete with 110% chance of finding asbestos!)COMPLETE
  • Raise the 7’0″ ceiling in upstairs hallwayCOMPLETE
  • Replace ALL flooring, baseboards, door and window frames–COMPLETE
  • Replace all interior doors and hardware–COMPLETE
  • Replace front door--COMPLETE
  • Replace garage door (of death)–COMPLETE
  • Interior paint through-out–99.9% COMPLETE
  • Trim trees

2 thoughts on “Via Corona”

  1. OMG Shannon!!! Thanks so much for the card so I can follow along with your transformation. Uh…can I just say “WOW”. You two are my new home improvement heros! Forget Prop Bros and Chip & Joanna!!!! You’re it!!!! I got you on Instagram now and look forward to more posts!!! Take good care! 😉

  2. Oh Lisa Banta! You are too much. And trust me…we are no heros. We are more like captives of a nicely negligent contractor hoping that this whole thing will be over before the first anniversary of home ownership.

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