Via Corona: The Remodel

We bought a disaster of a house and are documenting her renovation.  Follow the train wreck brick by brick.

If you don’t care about our navel gazing or the blood, sweat and tears and just want to go straight to the finish line, check out Via Corona on our builder’s website.  If you click into the slideshow, it will show you the whole house, not just what appears on the page:

Via Corona

Otherwise, on with the show:

Episode 38: This and That

Episode 37: More yard progress

Episode 36: The final addition: living and dining reveal

Episode 35: Yard progress

Episode 34: Master bath reveal

Episode 33: Exterior Reveal

Episode 32: Powder room reveal

Episode 31: Walk this way: Entryway reveal

Episode 30: Kitchen reveal

Episode 29.25 (it’s not really a house post but it’s got some pictures in it): Momma said

Episode 29: The perfect is the enemy of the good

Episode 28: Kibble and bits

Episode 27: Guest bath reveal

Episode 26: Is this the end?

Episode 25: Store it.  Store it good: laundry/butler’s/appliance pantry and linen closet revealish

Episode 24: The new addition edition

Episode 23: A bad idea poorly executed

Episode 22: ‘Round here

Episode 21: Sometimes it is what’s on the outside that counts: Concogalow

Episode 20.5: Et tu oatmeal? 

Episode 20: The Ms. Closet: Complete

Episode 19: Kitchen progress…in-progress

Episode 18: Making our garage door great again

Episode 17: Updates

Episode 16: An update in five scenes

Episode 15: Precious

Episode 14: Via Corona’s secret weapon

Episode 13: Where the magic happens (kitchen plans)

Episode 12: Three signatures

Episode 11: Master and commoder (master bath plans)

Episode 10: Powder Room Planz

Episode 9: I had a hammer

Episode 8: The plan: Guest Bath

Episode 7: Appetite for destruction, part deux

Episode 6: Appetite for destruction: Downstairs edition

Episode 5: Zhushing the Rectangle

Episode 4: All that you can’t leave behind

Episode 3: Talkin’ ’bout my renovation

Episode 2: BEFORE

Episode 1: And now for something completely different

Forward: Via Corona floor plans

 The List

  • Plumbing (all of it) COMPLETE
  • Electrical (all of it) COMPLETE
  • Rewire for cable, wifi and alarm systems COMPLETE
  • Sewer (done…dodged a major bullet, doesn’t need to be completely replaced or lined – they removed a root that looked like a decent-sized platypus) COMPLETE
  • Exterior cosmetic (anyone want a crapload of fake river rocks?)–siding done, working on stucco COMPLETE
  • Living room addition–in- process foundation poured, some headers are up, first inspection passed COMPLETE
  • Replace and reconfigure deck–in- process plans approved…nope not approved still waiting
  • Downstairs powder roomCOMPLETE
  • Guest bathroom–including moving everything around to create an en-suite–COMPLETE
  • Master bathroom–including moving everything around to create a shower that wasn’t made for an elf–COMPLETE
  • Juliet balcony off master.  Not gonna happen this round.
  • Walk-in master closet COMPLETE
  • Kitchen–Complete
  • Laundry room–COMPLETE
  • Fireplace-COMPLETE
  • Raise the 6’8″ ceiling in foyer (complete with 110% chance of finding asbestos!)COMPLETE
  • Raise the 7’0″ ceiling in upstairs hallwayCOMPLETE
  • Replace ALL flooring, baseboards, door and window frames–COMPLETE
  • Replace all interior doors and hardware–COMPLETE
  • Replace front door--COMPLETE
  • Replace garage door (of death)–COMPLETE
  • Interior paint through-out–99.9% COMPLETE
  • Trim trees

2 thoughts on “Via Corona: The Remodel”

  1. OMG Shannon!!! Thanks so much for the card so I can follow along with your transformation. Uh…can I just say “WOW”. You two are my new home improvement heros! Forget Prop Bros and Chip & Joanna!!!! You’re it!!!! I got you on Instagram now and look forward to more posts!!! Take good care! 😉

  2. Oh Lisa Banta! You are too much. And trust me…we are no heros. We are more like captives of a nicely negligent contractor hoping that this whole thing will be over before the first anniversary of home ownership.

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