Tom and Jerry Tuesdays

Did you ever watch Tom and Jerry as a kid?  Or maybe you watch it now?  I’ll admit, it wasn’t my favorite.  I think that might have been because the cat was generally the bad guy, and, as you may have guessed, I have a particular fondness for cats.  So, I took it sort of personally.

Other than thinking, even as a kid, that the cartoon was gratuitously violent, the other thing thats stuck with me about Tom and Jerry was how people were depicted.  Do you remember?  Whenever humans were drawn into the cartoon, it was always from the knees down.  I’m guessing this was a technique sort of like the “mwahwahwahwah” from the Peanuts cartoon; a signal to the audience that the adult was an unimportant but necessary device included only to further the plot.  Or whatever.

Which brings me to Tom and Jerry Tuesdays.  I am required to wear suits to work.  And, if the suit includes a skirt or dress, nylons.  I know, I know.  I wish I could say pantyhose have gotten better since I last wore them to Monday night sorority meetings in college.  They haven’t really.  But, for all my complaining, they aren’t that bad.  And, when it gets cooler, I’ll wear tights.  So there’s that.  There is also the shoes.  I should be humble about it, but I’m not: I’ve got good shoes.  Not great shoes–I do, after all work in a conservative environment.  But, they’re pretty good and they make me feel a little better about the, you know, pantyhose.

So, I thought I’d share on Tuesdays, Tom and Jerry style.

For the inaugural post, I’ve picked a basic but significant mainstay of my shoe collection: the black platform pump.  Classic, with just the tiniest hint of a platform to keep things from being too buttoned-up.    Stuart Weitzman, 2009 collection.


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