So, this is cool

This is easily the coolest thing that’s happened to The Misanthropic Hostess blog since…well…forever.

Tuesday Dinner 

As Ann explains in the introduction, we share a certain sisterhood and alma mater in common.  More importantly though, Ann is a wonderful writer.  If you aren’t already, you need to read her blog and her books.  Fair warning:  if you have even the slightest predisposition toward wanderlust, Ann’s simultaneously lush and elegant narrative of her adventures abroad (and domestically) will stoke that flame into a full-grown fire breathing beast.

If you don’t believe me–and assuming I’m correctly interpreting (errr…stalking) Ann’s tweets, Ms. Mah has been listed as a  notable travel writer in 2012’s Best American Travel Writing anthology.  Do you have any idea how big time that is?

I borrowed the thumbnail image from Ann’s blog.  It’s the American cover of her first book, Kitchen Chinese.

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