A very special TJT. On Monday

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UCLA definitely brought the boom on Saturday against USC.  And yes, I am using this TJT on Monday post as a  thinly disguised pretense to gloat.  And do eight-claps.

Despite being on home turf, TD and I weren’t planning on going to the game. In fact, I had the day all planned out: holiday baking and the game on the radio.  But then an 11th hour offer from a source we couldn’t refuse (thank you Dan!) appeared with the rain on Friday night.  Which is how I found myself wearing as much blue and gold as I could wiggle into and drinking a beer in Pasadena at what felt like a ridiculously early hour.

After having worked at USC for nearly seven years, I find myself surprisingly and enduringly fond of the institution.  The Trojans, however, are a different story entirely.  I’m not very good at talking smack.  But, let’s just put it this way, I don’t wear red. Of any shade.  Ever.

I love this rivalry.  This is the one time each year when rankings and records make absolutely no difference.  At this game, anything is possible (including that time in ’93 when Tommy fell off of Traveler).  This year?  Epic!  Combine a packed stadium, cross-town rivalry and rain–and you get history in the making.  Boom UCLA, BOOM!

Why yes, I do have gold shoes, vestiges left over from playing the role of TD’s wife during the pre-game dog and pony. 

The only thing marring this sweet, sweet victory was the empathetic pang I felt when the clock ran out and the Trojans sadly drifted off the field.  Deflated.  Sort of like their footballs.

Before I bring this UCLA happy dance to a bow, I just have one thing to point-out, you know, as long as I’m gloating.  I’ve officially been a Bruin for 20 years.  If my count is correct, during this time UCLA has won as many rivalry games as they have lost. I however have a perfect win record for attending UCLA-USC games.  That’s right, UCLA has won every rivalry game at which I’ve had a corporeal presence.  BOOM!


One thought on “A very special TJT. On Monday”

  1. SO happy about the win! I watched the game with icy, clammy hands, so nervous but not at all embarrassed to high five anyone when we won. Go Bruins!!

    Can you please start going to the Big Game every year?

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