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What happens when you take a giant bowl of crispy rice and add butter, peanut butter and confectioner’s sugar?

Schweddy balls happen, that’s what!

Though out-of-focus it may be, I had to include this snap.  Post-modern cooking at its finest (I swear this wasn’t staged).

And the main event:

Total butter poundage to date: 15.31

2 thoughts on “SFHB #3”

  1. I noticed these were oh-so-genteely renamed as “chocolate and peanut butter.” I had to come back here to make sure they were indeed the one and only Schweddy balls.

  2. Ann-

    Schweddy Balls are actually a step-up from what my mother has always secretly called them: white trash bonbons :). These poor treats have struggled with their identity from the beginning.

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