TMH needs an opinion. Any opinion.

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I’ve been in the market for a reading chair.  I need a place to have deep thoughts.  Or deep naps.  Or just a place where I can sit and the Kitchen Gods aren’t fighting for lap space (one laptop plus nearly 25 pounds of feline isn’t very comfortable). 

Over time the idea of a chair has evolved into a love seat.  I know, love seats aren’t known for comfort.  But the practical side of me is concerned about what I’ll do with a single chair down the road.  Whereas, I ration, a love seat can go at the end of a bed or in a hallway.

Here is the wall it will go on in our office.  The wall measures about 76 inches and then is interrupted by the door to the hallway (after the door there is another two feet of wall space).  Right now we’re got a couple of arm chairs that look good but really are not optimal for longer-term relaxation (excuse the picture quality, came from the phone). In real life the walls in this room are a fairly bright robin’s egg. 


I think  I’ve narrowed it down to three moderately priced candidates (all are under $1000). 

Option #1

Number one is in velvet but I’m not willing to pay for custom upholstery so we’d have to go with the ivory shown below.  Dimensions are: 54″W x 36″x34″H. 

Pros: Of the three, it is the most to scale for the wall and I like the style.  Down the road, it would look nice at the foot of the bed in the master or could be put in a hallway. Cons: is 36″D really comfortable (there will be an ottoman)? Also, ivory is a bit of a chance in our household. I’m not in love with the feet, but those are easy to replace.

Bachelor #2

Very midcentury but neutral enough that it could be mixed with other furniture styles in the future.  Dimensions: 60″ W x 37″ D x37″ H. The material is sort of a nubby boucle.


Pros: I like the clean lines and the color would allow for some wear-and-tear.  Cons: Little more stylized that I usually go with and TD will hate it (but, he doesn’t have to sit in it).

Final Choice

The third finalist is a bear compared to the others.  At 70″W x 47″D  x 30″H this thing is really only a loveseat in name.

Pros: At 47″ deep, comfort is assumed.  In a pinch it would also go with the giant man-couch we have in the loft.  It would also hide the dirt well. Cons:  It’s schclempy and huge.  I’m REALLY not a fan of rolled-arms. 




3 thoughts on “TMH needs an opinion. Any opinion.”

  1. I personally like #2 best, but if that’s the Corona from Macy’s (which has been on my list for awhile) its been discontinued. But I really like the first one better for your space and style anyway! Have you checked they have some cool stuff right now.

  2. I’m leaning towards #2, which seems like a more wearable version of #1 (don’t think I could live with ivory velvet, but that’s just me. I do, however, like nubby wool). Alternatively, have you considered a chaise longue? Ikea has one that I’m eyeing in gray (though I’d like something slightly less deep). It’s less streamlined than options #1 or 2, but less schlumpy than #3.

  3. Ann and Caroline-

    Thank you for weighing in! I am very appreciative of your thoughts. Yesterday I went out and played Goldilocks and tried two of the three (coudn’t find #2 in-store…of course). And then, because my mom told me to, swung by Ethan Allen. Because mothers are always right, I found what I was looking for in the form of a contemporaryish floor sample chaie. Update to come.

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