For the record

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No recipe this week.  Just some pictures and a list from the last month.

Lots of citrus to power several batches of citrus sables.

Rum butter nuts.

World peace cookie dough assembly line.

The freezer.

Several dozen kittens with whiskers.

I’ll admit, I had a little bit of a hard time giving these up.

Warm woolen mittens.

The wrapping station.

This is what nearly 2,300 cookies, candies and fun bits looks like close up.

Near….far…(in Elmo voice).

Nearly done packaging for shipping and delivery.

All boxed up.

This year’s label and sincere sentiment.

The 2014 List:

Favorite Things Sugar Cookies

Minty Marshmallows

Almond Toffee


Peanut Butter Bon Bons (aka Schweddy Balls)

Rum Butter Nuts

World Peace Cookies

Citrus Sables

California Blondies, Holiday Edition

Raspberry Thumbprints (coming soon to TMH…I do a version of the linked recipe)

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