This is it!

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Total number of goodies distributed: 2,261

Total number of goodies made (includes goodies for parties, TD’s allowance etc): 2,415

While Jenn was closest she guessed after the deadline, so our winner was Brenda with a guess of 1650.  Congrats also go to you clever guessers who got this year’s theme correct (The song Favorite Things).

Other fun facts:

  • was my friend.  While baking  I listened to Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Yes Please by Amy Poehler and Stephen King’s Revival.  And of course, Serial.
  • I used nearly 25 pounds of butter, over 40 pounds of granulated sugar and just about 30 pounds of flour.
  • I mailed 25 boxes across the country.  Farthest distance: New York, New York. Closest: North Redondo Beach. Yeah, I know.
  • I delivered goodies to an additional 25 offices and friends.
  • 4:00 AM: the time I got up every morning in the month of November to pull-off this nonsense.
  • 1: the number of burned-out Kitchenaid motors.  It died on the very last batch of royal icing.  I’m taking her in this weekend but the outlook isn’t looking good.

Whew.  Now, let the holidays begin!




One thought on “This is it!”

  1. Holy cow, Faris! This is INCREDIBLE. In the literal sense of the word: unbelievable. 4am wakeups? 25 pounds of butter? You are a machine. Also, I died laughing about the burnt out Kitchen Aid motor. They should be paying you for testimonials!

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