Oh Snickersnap!

Feeling snappish?

Maybe a little snickery?

Yeah.  Me too.

As a social scientist I’m fascinated.  As a woman, I’m devastated. But, as a pragmatist, my natural inclination is to accept the reality, take responsibility and productively work toward making change.  All things considered, I think I held it together pretty well until the Kate McKinnon cold open on SNL last week.

As cookie monster once said, “Me love poetry…and cookies.”  Leonard Cohen and Kate McKinnon gave us the poetry.  Let me help with the cookie.

How about a gingerdoodle?  Nope, not a designer dog.  Just the love child of two holiday favorites. Oh, and I’ve renamed it the snickersnap.  Provided the current environment I thought this treat needed a sassier name.  I think nasty snickersnap is an even more apt moniker but it’s not generally good form to use the word “nasty” in something you hope will be eaten.

And, with its three forms of ginger and shot of cinnamon you can bet this snickersnap grabs back.

I’m too old to believe baked goods can solve the world’s ills.  Not even world peace cookies.  But sometimes, a cookie or two with a strong cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) can help reset your perspective and remind you that everything could just, might be, okay.


This is a total recipe mashup.  I got the idea from our friend Betty Crocker’s recipe for gingerdoodles ).  But, because I already have a favorite gingersnap recipe: triple ginger ginger cookie  and  am loyal to Christina Tosi’s snickerdoodle base, I used those.


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